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We want to start out by saying how much we appreciate everyone's love and support! It makes us want to love and support everyone that much more. ASG would not be the community it is today without you!


Our goal is to always keep all of our content 100% free. We have been able to do this by selling goods like plants, aquasoils, fertilizers, swag, etc. All proceeds go back into ASG to help us with host fees for the website, creating new content everyone can learn from, develop new products, and now, answer support requests! If you feel like we've helped you, support us by sharing our content, or buying a plant from our store :) Regardless, we'll continue to do what we can to keep all of our content free and accessible to everyone. Later scapers!

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Are you having trouble balancing out your tank and need 1 on 1 help? We've got you covered. Fill out the form below and we'll guide you through your issue following the ASG method.   


What is the PAR of your light?


How long is your light on for?
What is the GH of your tank?
What is the KH of your tank?


How much water do change out a week?
Are you using one of the following fertilizers?
Where are your nitrates?
What is your substrate made of?


What type of filter do you have?
Is your filter providing 10x turn over an hour?
You last "cleaned" your filter when?


Are you injecting Co2?
If you are injecing Co2, are you getting a one point PH drop. (Drop checkers do not count)


How long has your tank been set up?
Upload File

Sometimes a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Send us a picture of your tank, some algae, whatever you think would help us with your issue and we'll check it out!

Thanks for submitting! Give us a day or two to get back with you

Migs Quirindongo

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